"Poetry is thoughts that breathe, and words that burn." ~Thomas Gray

"Poetry unites." ~Anon

"Truth is such a rare thing, it is delightful to tell it." ~Emily Dickinson

Written by Therese Broderick
She lives in Albany, New York, USA
Her site: Ekphrasis (poetry on art)

Originally posted on Every Photo Tells A Story
for the image prompt shown here

Grandfather with Grandson

They skip a generation--clan
features like green-blue eyes
and how they see the day ahead--
dark and narrow, or wide and bright--
and a long tilted jaw preferring
few words, and their slow sauntering
way of speaking. Neither can hear
how like the other he sounds
as they walk down the path
to the school. And their hands--
the same hold on love.

Posted with consent of the writer.


  1. Crafty Green Poet said...
    this is lovely, I've noticed too the features that skip a generation
    K.Lawson Gilbert said...
    This really touched my heart, as I envisioned my own little grandson, and how much he looks like my husband! That last line was really special! Thank you.
    WHY said...
    "Neither can hear
    how like the other he sounds.."

    Isn't that the truth:) Only observers would notice the similarities. Not to get "scientific" about such a beautiful poem, but biology never ceases to amaze me!!
    Sarah Hina said...
    This is so warm and beautiful. I love how those similarities can unmask themselves--and the last line is the perfect acknowledgment of that union.

    Just lovely.
    Donna said...
    My friend's daughter is the split image of her great grandmother. To see their photo's side by side is kind of bizarre. This short poem has so much meaning in it! And, that's hard to do.

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