"Poetry is thoughts that breathe, and words that burn." ~Thomas Gray

"Poetry unites." ~Anon

"Truth is such a rare thing, it is delightful to tell it." ~Emily Dickinson

Written by Noah Champoux
He is 18 years old, and lives in Winterpark, Florida, USA
His blog: Noah the Great


Oceans show no sympathy
to ships drifting
somewhere, anywhere;

those desperate sailors
with undying optimism
haven't traveled.

In fragments of fractions
a lapse of thought
sails you to error:

a tipped boat
or cracked hull
sends you sinking

until the only way you drift
is downward
towards drowning.

Originally published on writer's personal blog.
Posted with consent of the writer.


  1. Sarah Copeland said...
    This poem paints the realities of sea life very well...The last lines are so true!
    K.Lawson Gilbert said...
    I love how your personify the ocean here. This is hauntingly beautifully - yet sad. It has an ancient feel. Wonderful free verse, with excellent line breaks!
    WHY said...
    Isn't this true about life? We like to think that we are somehow "special" and "protected." But that isn't so:

    "In fragments of fractions
    a lapse of thought
    sails you to error:

    Wonderful writing!
    Love For Life said...
    Oh, this is much more than about the "sea." From personal experience, I know, "drifting" is always a gamble you take in the game of life. It's a chance you take that your life will lead you to a destination, but often times, with a plan, a purpose, there are less errors to make. Many of my friends were drifters, and they suffered at the end. Loneliness, aimlessness, they were in the hands of fate. And, fate can be very cruel.
    Anonymous said...
    i can read this over and over and over!


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