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Written by Larry Lawrence (Lorenzo)
He lives in Old Bridge, New Jersey, USA
His blog: Crowned with Laurels

Cooking Ham

not a difficult task,
had to read directions
two or three times
before I called my mother.
It was the annual call to
that lady who doesn’t
know much, but she did
know how to cook.
Usually with too much salt.
Keep it covered with foil,
whatever you do, or your
ham is gonna get dried out.
Nothing worse than ham
that’s dried out, is what she
said the last time we spoke.

Originally published on writer's personal blog.
Posted with consent of the writer.


  1. WHY said...
    Oh, the ending! My mother passed away a very long time ago, and I wasn't able to say a good, goodbye, so this hit me hard.
    Crafty Green Poet said...
    there's so much sadness in the ending of this, heartbreaking really
    Donna said...
    So, so tender. A love poem for your mother. What a beautiful tribute! I like this because of its simplicity. It is ordinary, and that is not meant to criticize. It is of everyday life, about mothers everywhere! I remember cooking with my mom. Oh, she used to get so mad because I didn't follow her directions, but we always ended up laughing. We always forgave.

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